Historic Capri Theatre, Capri on Main Est. 1936

Welcome to Capri on Main, Performance Venue / Live music / Special Events Hall. Far from “Just a Bar.”

Posted on Sep.14, 2014

ven·ue ˈvenˌyo͞o/ noun
1. The place to enjoy the arts, see performances, esp. an organized event such as a concert, conference, or a community event.

A cornerstone of downtown for almost a century. Clemson Small Business Development and many other Downtown research and development groups all agree that the  Capri Theatre has been a driving force, a “Catalyst” for the downtown revitalization effort. Here at the Capri Theatre we offer many options that include Live comedy/music and theatrical performances. Premieres of local independent films shot right here in the upstate are shown often giving film enthusiast a chance to meet the actors and directors of the films. We are also available for Corporate, civic and special events, please check calendar for dates. Our bands and performers are from all over the eastern U.S and some international. Our performers have been seen on Sun Studio Sessions, Austin City Limits, TV talk shows and Major Music Festivals all over performing their originals.    The Capri Theatre is a special events/performance venue, not a bar or private night club with set hrs every night so please check our schedule for events.


Tuesday night Open Mic

Posted on Sep.13, 2014

openOn Tuesday nights music starts around 7:30pm, come by to sit in or to hear local musicians from the upstate and foothills music scene. We do have featured artists to perform in-between the open mic artist from time to time. This is an acoustic/songwriter setting. We limit the amount of full bands to 1 due to slots for solo musicians to play and to cut down on the downtime in-between.  If you plan to bring a full band we need to schedule this ahead of time.  We encourage local artist from Gaffney, Spartanburg, Greenville, Asheville and Rockhill music scene to take this opportunity to show promoters and venue owners who come by to look for new talent what they have to offer.  Some nights we will have showcased artist that include but not limited to; Drew Spencer, Kayla Goller, Eric Towery,  Chris Garlock, Jamison Smith, Shane Pruitt, Tony Slaughter, Brian McGee, John Scoggins, Will Moore, Donovan Brooks, Justin Orr and many more.  Many musicians from all over the country have blogged and promoted us as one of the best live music venues in the upstate.

Next Featured artist

Jan 13th Laney Jones and the Lively Spirits

Steeped in the traditions of folk, jazz and rock and roll, Laney Jones mixes a musical cocktail with a vintage flavor that’s all her own. Honing her craft and effortlessly welcoming stage presence in coffeehouses, speakeasies, and concert venues across the United States, this scrappy Americana singer-songwriter is making a name for herself as a fresh, lyrically creative artist. Her distinctive voice has been described as “a mix of lemon, molasses, gin and gunpowder*,” mellifluous and smooth but brimming with passion.

Since releasing her first studio album “Golden Road” in 2013, the Florida native now turns heads in Boston, Massachusetts while attending Berklee College of Music on scholarships for songwriting and bluegrass studies. In addition to juggling the responsibilities of a college student, Laney has been touring up and down the East Coast, appearing as an emerging artist at music festivals such as Falcon Ridge Folk and Grey Fox Bluegrass. In autumn of 2013, Laney received the prestigious honor of representing Berklee at the Kennedy Center’s American Voices festival where she performed a moving rendition of her original song “Broken Hearts” at a masterclass with the legendary Alison Krauss. READ MORE HERE

Photo Credit: Daniel Coston

Photo Credit: Daniel Coston


Dec27th/$5/dr7pm-sh8pm Pondering Wade and Local group “Off the wall”

Posted on May.24, 2014

Pondering wadeAll songs are original, written, sung and performed by Lochlann K., Kelly C., Dani E. & Ginger W.

We came together as a duo ( Kelly and I, Loch) because we shared the same interest in music meaning we like everything, then later added the sensational Dani Evans and Ginger Winn to form our killer Fierce foursome female front backed by drummer/ multi instrumentalist Chris Cornwell. 

Being put into any genre box won’t give us enough breathing room to play and perform what we are passionate about.

Lochlann Kilburn-Vocals, Irish bouzouki  I grew up in a family of 6 sisters and 1 brother. we all sing, dance, draw, you name it. 

being the youngest of all I sat, listened and watched them. It was already ingrained in me to do the same. I could sing harmonies to a song from the first time hearing it like it was normal and common to do. I’ve been writing and singing for several years. Huge passion, it’s what makes me, me.

Kelly Cassella-Vocals, Mandolin, Bass  At an early age I was put into music playing the violin. It was something that I was passionate about because of my love for music. As it goes for many, things happen that get in the way of your dreams so i had to discontinue my lessons. However I never stopped singing and writing and a few years later I picked up bass guitar and played in several bands as a bassist while pursuing my other passion, writing novels.

Although it hurt, once again I had to put the music on hold but now I’m back pursuing this project with my sister Lochlann and niece Dani , we are loving every moment of it!

Dani Evans-Vocals, Mandolin  I am the niece lol. I have been singing as long as I was old enough to speak. It runs in the family starting with my grandfather, my father and my seven aunts, so I am proud to say that I got it natural. It’s so amazing how we have our own styles but can pull it all together and come up with a blend of something beautiful. I’m excited to be apart of this project and enjoy working with my two laid back crazy kin. Get ready for us!

Ginger Winn-Vocals, Multi Instrumentalist  I’ve been influenced by many different musicians and genres. I would describe the kind of music that I play as MEANINGFUL MUSIC. I’ve been writing and performing for 4 years. My career started at my Uncle Eddie’s concert venue, AWENDAW GREEN, near Charleston, SC. Before moving to Manning, I lived near Charleston in Mount Pleasant, SC close to the coast. In 2012, I won the Clarendon County Talent Show and in 2013, I won a songwriting contest at the Clay Pot in Florence, SC. I began a campaign of newspaper articles advocating for young songwriters “W-R-I-T-E- -O-N” – Macklemore

Chris Cornwell-Drums/Percussion  Born in North Carolina, began with hitting pop-corn cans with chop sticks at a young age! Later his folks bought him a drum-set followed by Granny and Aunts purchase of a bas-guitar. Later curiousity lead to experimenting with other instruments where Chris Cornwell the Artist, Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist foundation started to form. Chris Cornwell was accepted to Berklee College of Music in 2004.

offthewallAlways a local favorite, “Off the wall” is a sure sign that live music is going strong in the young generation.

Word from the band.
Hey, we’re Off the Wall. We love music.
The band:
Will- lead vocals, lead guitar
Rachael- rhythm guitar, vocals
Marisa- keyboard, vocals
Ethan- drums

Jan2/dr7-sh-8/$5 The Lengths, indie rock

Posted on May.24, 2014

the lengthsTo put it bluntly, The Lengths are a combination of all the sounds of Rock n Roll that we’ve all grown to love; past and present. Combining the modern Indie-rock feel of The Strokes & Arctic Monkeys with the old-school British Invasion sound of The Beatles & The Stones; The Lengths are more than just a band you can snap your fingers and dance to. The Lengths are a band one can identify with across all preferences, ages & genres; a band for a generation still working to define themselves; and a band that will make you forget about the day-to-day troubles we all face and instead just bask in the glory that is music.


Jan10/$5/dr7-sh8 Pierce Edens and the Dirty Work, Asheville comes down the grade tonight

Posted on May.24, 2014

Pierce“Asheville’s Pierce Edens heard old-timey mountain music until his teens; that’s when he was steeped in punk and grunge. Both inform his music. His shadowy baritone has a dark, jazzy canter reminiscent of Tom Waits, while the percolating strings below it veer from bluegrass to closing-time cabaret. The punk manifests in the rebellious free-spirited nature of ‘Montana’”– Indy Week, Chris Parker

As those who have seen him live can attest, Pierce Edens absorbed the songwriting, storytelling and musical stylings of the surrounding Appalachian Mountains where he spent his childhood.   The area continues to be rich with history and stories handed down from one generation to the next.  This history takes the form of old time, folk and bluegrass music as well as spoken words of story tellers.  Since the Edens family didn’t have a stereo or TV until Pierce was fourteen, the main form of entertainment was going out and listening to live performances of the songs and stories from the mountain towns nearby.  This allowed him to get personally acquainted with local performers and preservationists of all kinds.   When his family finally got a stereo one Christmas, Pierce brought home and began soaking up every kind of music he could get his hands on; from The Misfits to Patsy Cline.

_MG_7983Pierce started taking guitar lessons from a local old time player at a very early age.  Since he plays left handed and was too young to have much of an attention span, not  much of it stuck! It wasn’t until high school when he picked up the bass for a ridiculously loud garage-based punk band that he started working things out by ear and writing music. This evolved when Pierce found that he had something to say. Drawing from the diversely eclectic collection of records he had amassed, Pierce began to connect the dots and a professional music career was born.


Jan/15-16-17th/Dr7-Sh8/$8 Comedy Central heavy hitter Comedian Shaun Latham, stick around for Jordan Morgan Landsdowne and Seth Robinson

Posted on May.23, 2014




Jordan-Morgan Lansdowne

This Arkansas native takes queues from legends like Johnny Cash, Tom Waits and Nick Cave and puts his own twist on it. 
Lansdowne cut his teeth on the road touring in other bands and is now hitting the road on his own sharing his personal tales of love and loss.
Lansdowne goes straight for the heart with no room for weak metaphors.

“Springsteen-like phrasing but opens up with a dark, smoldering refrain leaving a powerful mark on the listener. Deep, earthy sounds of heart and soul, hard-edged grace with an offering from his soul to yours.”
- Scott S Mertens; The Phantom Tollbooth  “In an industry over-saturated with the same themes, images, and sounds, Jordan provides much needed relief. With his new take on California beach anthems (mellow and inspiring with a hint of Midwest isolated melancholy) Jordan, is, to say the least, refreshing. Lansdowne has managed to create a unique sound, a difficult feat to be sure, but one that seems effortless in his music.”
- Heather Holditch; Senior Editor (Aralie Music News)

Seth Robinson:Seth http://facebook.com/noweherefastmusic

Energizing and passionate lyrics over a foundation of majors and minors saying just as much as the lyric it’s backing up. With his band, Nowhere Fast, who released their album “Trials” last year, the band recorded with Mark Michalik and Nick Diener (The Swellers) to capture their best songs to date. Lately, Seth Robinson has been taking his songs on the road with his acoustic guitar and sharing bills with Austin Lucas and Kristopher Roe (The Ataris).


Jan/23/dr7:30pm/show9pm Phil Keeling and Brooke Cochran

Posted on May.23, 2014

So, who is this schmuck?

Phil Keeling is a comedian based out of Savannah, Georgia.  His combination of manic intellectualism and vulgarity has caused comedian/producer Lee Keeler to call him “a combination of Oscar Wilde and Larry Flynt”.  Keeling began smashing heads with the laughter hammer in 2009, and was an original piece of an unnamed collective of comedians that forged what is now the Savannah comedy scene. 

Photography by Beau Kester/Round 1 Productions (www.round1productions.com)
Photography by Beau Kester/Round 1 Productions (www.round1productions.com)

Since then he has been seen at the Hollywood Improv, the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, and the Kovalchick Convention center–not to mention constant shows throughout the South.  He has shared stages with the likes of Neil Hamburger, Myq Kaplan, Neal Brennan, and Tom Rhodes. “Conquistadork”, Phil’s first comedy album, was released in April of 2012.  Gabriel Ricard of Drunk Monkeys had this to say about Keeling’s freshman CD:  “Keeling lays into his material and delivery with the confidence and skill of a seasoned comedy veteran. He knows his style, knows exactly what to say, what his audience is thinking and how to roll all of that into one funny piece of material after another (I think I listened to Stripper Small Talk three or four times in a row on the initial listen—It’s just that n funny).”

Happy to take her audiences off guard, Brooke Cochran combines electricity and obscene


gestures with southern charm and floral print dresses.  This bracing sense of style is just one of the many reasons that she numbers among the funniest comedians in Savannah.

​Sharpening her claws in the Atlanta comedy scene, Brooke now makes her home in Savannah, GA, and tackles an audience the same way a fat kid tackles a pineapple upside-down cake: feverishly and without mercy.  Brooke has been seen warming up the stages of the likes of Ron White, Todd Barry, and Maria Bamford.  Her stories, charm, and wicked sense of humor all combine to make for an irresistible show and an amazing performer.  It’s your turn to tell everyone how funny she is. 


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